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Why are older adults moving to senior living communities?

The U.S. population continues to age, with more older adults needing services such as health care and transportation. Living on their own is often seen as ideal, but that’s not always the case. More and more older adults are moving to senior living communities for the following benefits:


As people grow older, their eating habits often change. Even though they need to meet their nutritional needs, they may not have much of an appetite. If they live alone, they may feel unmotivated to cook. A senior living community can provide healthy, delicious meals that are prepared by chefs and served in private dining rooms.


It’s easy for older adults to become isolated and to have few activities they look forward to. They may also lack transportation, which makes it harder to connect with others for activities. A good senior living facility should provide plenty of activities to give residents the chance to have fun, learn new skills, and pursue new or existing hobbies.

Maintenance-free living

Maintaining a household can be time-consuming as well as difficult and expensive at times. This is especially true for older adults, who may not be able to easily take care of all the tasks that they’re accustomed to handling. Hiring someone to do maintenance and repairs can be expensive and risky since they may not do a good job. Since living in a community for older adults requires no upkeep on the part of residents, it can be the ideal solution for seniors who prefer hassle-free living.

Financial relief

Seniors living on their own can find expenses to be unpredictable. From health care to home-related expenses, they can add up quickly and become a burden. Expenses are much more predictable with a retirement community since many services offered are typically provided for a flat fee under a lease. For example, the cost of meals and many other services are usually included in the payment.

A family-like community

A senior living community is like a built-in family, sharing meals and activities together, talking, laughing, and enjoying one another’s company. Residents will have plenty of people to talk to who are at a similar stage of life and are likely to have a lot in common.

More independence

Some seniors view moving into a retirement community as a loss of independence, but it actually provides the opposite. With so many needs taken care of, older adults are able to spend time on what they enjoy doing instead of depending on their family. They can restore a more typical family relationship of parent and child rather than patient and caregiver. Many communities offer a continuum of care so older adults can continue living there even if their needs change.

Extra care or help when needed

An older adult who’s living independently may have trouble getting the help they may need in a timely manner. Even if they have family nearby, it may take some time for them to be located and have the time to assist. They may also lack the expertise to help with certain issues. At a senior living community, help is always on hand to provide extra care when it’s needed, eliminating a large source of worry for many older adults.

No cooking or cleaning

Cooking and cleaning can become more difficult as people get older, and depending on their specific abilities, they may be limited in how easily they can perform these tasks. Retirement communities eliminate the need for residents to cook or clean, freeing their time and energy for more enjoyable pursuits.


Senior living communities often provide many popular amenities for their residents. These can include perks such as fitness centers with personal trainers, a small on-site store, and group transportation.

If you’re interested in a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, take a virtual tour and then contact Park Central in Amarillo, Texas today. We’re located in the Texas Panhandle and offer the services, amenities, and living options older adults need. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring our residents are happy, healthy, and comfortable, and all faiths are welcome in our friendly Baptist community.