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How to Decide Between Independent and Assisted Living

When it comes to senior citizen centers, assisted living and independent living are certainly similar, but they’re not quite the same. In a nutshell, both feature available services, but the assisted living solution is a little bit more in-depth.

For example, with independent living, there’s probably going to be maintenance, and amenities for groups including transportation will be available. Some independent living solutions at senior centers even offer apartments with guest rooms for family. The whole idea is to focus on the social needs of individuals who don’t need much support taking care of themselves.

Assisted living takes it a step further. Assisted living communities support those who need assistance with activities of daily living, while allowing residents to live as independently as possible. 

With this option, not only are maintenance and transportation amenities taken into account, but individuals will also have assistance with bathing, medication, medical care, and other more personal needs. Which is best will depend on the senior and their individual needs. 

Senior Living Realities: Cost 

Assisted living is typically built around a rental model. Monthly fees include maintenance, housekeeping, security, nursing observation, three meals a day, programming, and 24/7 staffing. In an assisted living model, one to two hours of daily personal care often is included in the monthly rent (and if it is not, sometimes it’s available for an additional fee). This can include assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and medication administration.  While assisted living is an out-of-pocket expense, many people have Long Term Care Insurance policies that cover some portion of the monthly fee.  Some communities also have subsidized programs such as Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC) or Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). 

The cost breakdown for independent living is a bit different. In most continuing care retirement communities, independent living residents pay an entrance fee when they move in (usually 75 to 90 percent is refundable upon leaving), and an additional monthly fee to cover maintenance, security, some meals, and programming.

At Park Central, our many services and amenities are provided for a monthly fee (under a 12-month lease for independent apartments). Upon moving into our retirement centers and assisted living centers, you’ll be asked to pay a deposit or move-in fee.

Solid Senior Communities Seek To Preserve Independence And Vitality In Residents

It is worth noting that assisted living isn’t a means of reducing the independence of mature individuals; it’s about providing them with assistance in a community setting where help and friendship defines the relationship between caretakers and residents. In assisted living, family members often take a more active role in their loved ones’ care, particularly for residents with dementia. Designated family members are kept updated about their loved one’s progress and are part of the care planning process.

In independent living, families are encouraged to become immersed in the community but the primary decision-making generally lies with the resident. Family members are welcome to come and visit with their loved ones and take advantage of the variety of amenities offered throughout the community. 

Beyond simple assistance, seniors need some sort of stimulation. That’s one reason why, regardless of whether you’re looking at independent or assisted living solutions for your loved ones, you want associated caretakers to have taken consideration for things like:

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Activities

  • Recurring Tasks for Mental and Emotional Stimulation

  • Available and Appropriate Physical Activity

  • Encouragement of Mobility Among Residents

  • Available Entertainment Options

  • Assisted and Independent Apartments

  • The Sort of Amenities Found At Home

Different Solutions For Different Individuals

Park Central of Amarillo, Texas offers assisted and independent living solutions, as well as short-term and long-term care options. Locally owned and operated by Baptist Community Services, this non-profit senior living operation has over thirty years of service defining its practices and operation. 

For independent living, Park Central offers these locations:

  • Park Place Towers

  • The Continental
  • The Harrington
  • Plemons Court
  • The Talmage

Meanwhile, assisted living options include:

  • The Moore

Additionally, Park Central also offers long-term care at The Ware, or assisted living for memory care patients at The Sycamore.

An Appropriate Independent, Assisted, Or Long-Term Living Option For Your Loved Ones

All these options are luxury living solutions and designed to help elderly friends or family maintain vitality in their sunset years. That requires engagement, it requires assistance, and it requires living solutions that meet the individual where they are. That’s what Park Central in Amarillo, Texas is all about. To learn more, contact our offices today.