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The Sycamore

The Sycamore-an assisted living community-provides comfortable living, engaging activity and active rehabilitation for loved ones in the early stages of memory impairment to advanced stages of dementia. Our caregivers receive more than 100 hours of intensive training to provide residents with top quality care in a loving and supportive environment. The Sycamore incorporates a nurse-call system that is customized to each resident’s needs and preferences. Because of our low resident-to-nursing staff ratio and our years of expertise, our residents get individualized attention and can reap the full benefits of a devoted memory care center.

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  • Cable/phone/internet
  • All utilities
  • Daily menu choice (including special diets)
  • 24-hour assistance
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation for Medical appointments
  • Social programs

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Uplifting Care

Our caregivers use the Best Friends™ Approach, a relationship-centered, compassionate way of providing care supported by our culture of Christian values. The Best Friends method is grounded in the understanding that relationships are supremely important to dementia care, and that they require the essential elements of friendship: respect, empathy, support, trust and humor. With Best Friends, the focus is on the individual and their relationships with their care partners, including family, loved ones, caregivers and physicians. Every one of our caregivers receives extensive training in the Best Friends approach, and we include loved ones in a day of Best Friends training as well so that everyone knows what to expect and how The Sycamore provides care so residents can enjoy the best quality of life.

Creating Friendships

Lizzie, our Chief Morale Officer, is a therapy dog who comes to work at The Sycamore every day. She’s gone through weeks of training to provide support and love to residents. Her expressive demeanor brings joy to everyone around, and her hypoallergenic fur ensures a non-irritating environment for patients.

Friendly Community


The goal of our program is for your loved one to have fun, prevent boredom, boost confidence and develop friendships, all in an atmosphere of Christian love and understanding. Family involvement is encouraged, so we don’t limit visiting hours, and we’re pleased to have family enjoy meals with their loved ones. We also encourage family members to bring children for visits, as it provides our residents with an opportunity to enjoy youthful energy.


Enhancing Memories


Our program is designed to enhance life’s memories through multi-sensory experiences, such as art, games and music designed specifically for each resident’s abilities, interest and history. For example, loved ones have access to music technology that provides headphones for them to listen to the music of their choice, which can often bring good memories and provide soothing benefits. A quiet room with calming scenery and nature sounds help to provide a serene environment, improving mood and increasing joy and peace.


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Freedom and Safety

Our building is designed on the “small house” model, with a smaller space for less chance that residents can lose their way. The building includes a single-story floor plan that allows easy circulation with no dead-end hallways that can create frustration for residents. Our internal courtyards allow for fresh air, sunshine and gardening, and our secure walking paths foster a sense of freedom, relaxation and independence.



  • Closet
  • Bathroom
  • Nurse-call system
  • Window coverings
  • Phone/cable outlets
  • Memorabilia cabinet (for recognition)

Other Services


Luxurious outdoor patios and gardens to enjoy some fresh air.


We have an on staff pastor for counsel or prayer.


Scheduled group transportation allows for activity excursions.


A full service hair salon conveniently located to suit your hair care needs.


Elegantly appointed spa room including a whirlpool bath.


Quiet room with beautiful calming scenery and nature sounds.


Join our Family

At Park Central, we don’t wait until after our residents move in to start caring for them. Every question you have is important to us. We want to help you find information, answers, and perspective that will make you or your loved one’s transition to senior living as smooth as possible.