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Now is the time to sell your home and move to Park Central!

Whether you’re retired or that time is coming soon, selling your home and moving to a senior living community may be a smart choice in today’s climate. The big real estate boom has created a major seller’s market.

While real estate experts and investors believe now is the best time to sell your home, this market won’t last forever. In fact, mortgage rates will begin to move upward in the near future. If you’re looking to make a move, and a sale, right now is your best bet.

Here is a helpful guide on why you should sell and use that money toward a new and better life in a retirement community like Park Central. 

Why is now a good time to sell your home?

Homes are selling at an alarming rate and those looking to move are jumping at new listings since they are selling so quickly. This is great news for sellers, for the time being. Some investors and real estate professionals are suggesting selling now rather than waiting because, while still low, mortgage rates are starting to slowly increase again. Because of this, borrowing may be more expensive soon, which can discourage buyers.

So while there is a high demand for homes right now, and buyers are more likely to submit quick offers on homes, this may change rather quickly. If you’ve been considering a move to a Senior Living community, taking advantage of the seller’s market can help you significantly with your deposit and monthly fees.

What are the benefits of living in a Senior Living community rather than your own home?

One main benefit retired seniors enjoy about senior living communities is the convenience of having all your necessities in close proximity. You’ll no longer have to get out and make the trek to an appointment or to pick up medications, as most usually everything is on-site, like the OmniCare Pharmacy and BSA CareXpress family medical practice that are a part of Park Central’s amenities. Even tasks like getting your hair done, getting the mail, or getting groceries becomes a much easier task with an on-site salon, marketplace, and postal delivery.

All of the responsibilities that go with owning a home diminish greatly the moment you move to a Senior Living community. No more mowing or general maintenance will be required of you, and many communities offer linen and housekeeping services, so you can spend even more time focusing on the things you love.

What is retirement like in a Senior Living community?

Senior living communities offer residents plenty of options and resources to live the lives they choose. Independent living allows residents the privacy and independence they desire and provides them with opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise, while assisted living offers extra care and more complex support services. Communities like Park Central offer a complete wellness center for staying active, an arts and crafts room, a complete library, outdoor courtyards, and a woodworking/hobby room. Scheduled group transportation also allows for shopping trips and activity excursions.

Like-minded individuals who hold the same values can come together to make up a tight-knit community of residents. You’ll have the opportunity to create a new group of friends by attending programs and joining groups, and nurture long-lasting friendships.

Your health and wellness will also be a high priority, with nutritional dining options like The Grill, or excellent meals created by culinary experts, and access to a wellness & fitness center, and outdoor walking areas. On-site health centers like BSA CareXpress will ensure you’re taken care of no matter what level of care you need.

How do I find the right community for me? 

Each community is different, so you’ll want to do your research to find one that fits all of your desires and needs. Start by asking yourself about the location of where you want to retire and what you’re looking for in a retirement lifestyle.

Once you’ve pinned down a location and settled on the area, check out the senior living communities that exist there. If you’re in the Amarillo, TX area, Park Central may be an excellent choice for you. Explore the campus, programs, and activities offered and take a look at the amenities. If the services fit your needs and desires, schedule some time to talk to the administration there to learn more about them and the residents.