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As you or your elderly loved ones continue to age, inevitably, there is a gradual loss of ability to care for yourself as fully as you once could. No one likes to lose independence, but when chronic health conditions, memory loss, or the need for physical therapy or rehabilitation exist, it can be challenging to continue to live at home.

This is where a continuum of care campus can come into play to preserve and expand your independence as much as possible. But just what is “continuum of care”? And what are these senior living campuses like?


A continuum of care is a comprehensive plan of care that adjusts to the needs of those cared for over a period of time. It addresses a variety of aspects, levels, and intensity of care. It includes, but is not limited to, medical needs.

A senior living option that offers a continuum of care program will build in future changes in the resident’s needs from the outset. This makes these types of plans a little like an insurance policy that protects you against likely future expenses.

To give an example, let’s say a new resident needed only “mildly assisted living” when first moving on campus. Then, a medical condition might arise that would require skilled nursing visits or a fitness/wellness program. Still, later, memory care and help taking medications on time might be added. The plan would include all such updates of the level of care for life.


At Park Central, an assisted living center in downtown Amarillo, Texas, we provide for both the short-term and long-term needs of our mostly elderly clientele. Our assisted living program incorporates a full-fledged continuum of care that “covers all the bases.”

We carefully, and caringly, monitor the health of all our residents, and we can update their level of care quickly whenever necessary or beneficial to the patient.

Here are some of the many impressive amenities that make Park Central a wonderful place for seniors to live:

  • Independent living in apartment-style homes. We offer 4 types of accommodations to choose from, some of which include guest rooms for visitors.
  • Pastoral care is available on-site, including prayer and counseling sessions.
  • An on-site pharmacy and family medical practice at your service.
  • Group outings to fun events, your PCP, and other locations.
  • A full calendar of events to keep residents active and involved.
  • Neighbors and staff constitute a community and form lasting friendships.
  • An on-campus fitness/wellness center, library, hair salon, and more.
  • Great homestyle meals, plus an on-campus gourmet restaurant (The Grill).

To further explore continuing care at Park Central, feel free to visit us for lunch and a tour! Also, you can call us at 806-337-5700, or contact us online.

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