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As the year rolls by, it’s easy to get caught up by the daily hustle and bustle of jobs and responsibilities. Consequently, it’s common to lose track of the last time you talked to your elderly loved one. But as the holidays approach, they create an excellent time to spend with all your family, including the seniors.

Many people think that the holidays are a happy time for everyone, but on the contrary, many seniors spend time reminiscing. While going down the memory lane helps measure the senior’s current memory, it also brings loneliness if you are not there to help create new ones. Therefore, decide to visit a senior loved or pay tribute to more seniors through volunteer work. Besides, here are three reasons why you should visit a senior during this holiday season.


Just like when they were younger, seniors need companionship and emotional connections to avoid loneliness, depressions, and isolation. Visiting them whether at their own private home or a senior living community, allows you to help them reminisce about the old days, bringing fond memories and helping them benefit from face-to-face connections. These moments improve the seniors’ overall health and increase the desire to live. Besides, you prevent instances of withdrawal which happen due to:

  • Living alone– many seniors lack regular contact with other people, putting them at risk of conditions such as heart disease and dementia
  • Memories– remembering the ones who are gone and happy times they had together can make seniors feel sad
  • Limited ability– medical conditions such as arthritis and injury limit seniors from moving around and participating in holiday celebrations
  • Financial stress– your senior loved ones may be living on a limited financial income, making them feel sad that they cannot provide an ample holiday like they used to


There’s no better way to learn about your family heritage than getting it from your senior parents or grandparents. The holidays create a perfect time to spend quality time and listen to family history. Besides, these connections help you learn about family genetics and personalities while at the same time strengthening family bonds and life successes. According to studies, kids who have more knowledge about their family history have greater emotional resilience since family history gives them a sense of identity.

After learning about your family heritage from your seniors, you can later pass on that information to your kids and grandkids. Doing so gives your children something to hold on to and to be proud of. It’s important to note that family history is likely to be lost if not written down. This makes learning from your seniors challenging, exciting, and full of fun.


It’s normal for you and your senior loved one to feel anxiety about assisted living. However, winter and the festive season decorations bring warmth in a senior living community, raising the spirits of both residents and staff. This holiday cheer is contagious, and it will help ease any tension you may have about your loved one living in a senior living community. Besides, visiting a senior during the holidays allows you to observe the cleanliness and how attentive the staff is towards the residents.

Join Your Parents in Participating in Holiday Activities and Events

In life, nothing is a guarantee. You don’t know how tomorrow will be or if you’ll live to a ripe old age, the best you can do is ensure that your loved one is living in a comfortable home that provides exceptional love and care. The best thing you can do is give your best each day. Spend the holidays helping a senior, love your family, and strive to make the world a better place.

There are many opportunities to visit a senior at Park Central in Amarillo, Texas. We’d love to have you come and brighten the lives of our residents whether they reside in one of our apartment homes, assisted living facility, long-term care facility, certified memory care center, or skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility. It is our mission that no senior feels alone during Christmas.

Please give us a call at (806) 337-5700 or click here to request more information about our senior living community.

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