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The Difference Between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living

When your loved one requires dedicated care and help due to age-related conditions or chronic illness, you can choose between assisted living and a nursing home for senior living. Usually, assisted living helps seniors with daily life and routine self-maintenance whenever necessary, while nursing homes focus on providing long-term medical care to older adults with chronic illnesses. While both take care of seniors, assisted living is ideal for individuals who want to maintain their independence.

The Park Central Assisted Living Difference!

If you are looking for assisted living services for your loved one, Park Central has just what you need to keep your parent or loved one comfortable. Here’s what sets us apart as the ideal choice for assisted living in Amarillo.

Variety of Services: When it comes to taking care of your parent or older family member, Park Central has a wide range of services that aim to protect and enhance the well-being of seniors. You’ll get access to three well-cooked meals by gourmet chefs, group transport services for outings and hospital visits, and a wellness center complete with a trainer. Seniors also get access to pastoral care, which includes bible studies and counseling, regardless of faith.

Personalized Care: Besides offering primary caregiving services, we provide specialized care for seniors with memory loss and dementia. Our assisted living categories are divided into two to ensure we meet the unique needs of the elders in our care. One ( The Moore) caters to independent seniors, while the other ( The Sycamore) is mainly for seniors requiring memory care. Given the low resident-to-nurse ratio, the seniors in our care enjoy individualized attention and the ultimate benefits of a memory care facility.

Weekly Activities and Unlimited Visits: A stay at our senior living facilities doesn’t have to be lonely or boring. We encourage a sense of community and incorporate different fun activities and events into our calendar to help senior adults relax. We also provide music technologies like headphones for when you need to listen to music. We also encourage unlimited family visits and have a dedicated guest apartment for visiting family members. You can be sure that your loved one will form deep friendships and bonds at our premises, have fun, and enjoy the love and care from family and staff.

Park Central Assisted Living offers seniors everything they need with a team of skilled and compassionate staff, amenities tailored to their comfort and convenience, and a loving and nurturing community. Contact us today for senior living services you can trust!