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The new year is here and it is time for some new challenges, new opportunities, and new beginnings. Typically, New Year is a thrilling time as it allows us to redefine our priorities and set new goals. During this particular period, it is quite common for individuals to come up with New Year Resolutions.
These resolutions usually serve either as a personal achievement or goal that we hope to achieve within the year. For seniors, in particular, resolutions for the New Year can be a fantastic way to improve further as well as ensure that they keep their health as a priority.So, what goals should seniors set? To guide you, here are the four best resolutions for seniors in 2020:


Keeping physically active is essential for healthy aging. This is not to say that you need to spend every minute of your day exercising. Instead, you need to dedicate a segment of your day purposely for fitness.

If you have never done this before, the Harvard Health Publications recommends that you commit 10 minutes out of your day to exercise. Afterward, you can gradually increase this period as you get accustomed to it. Ultimately, you will be comfortable enough to commit the recommended time frame of 150 minutes per week for aerobic activity.


Do you or a loved one suffer from a precise condition that requires you to be on a special diet? While it is reasonable to want to consume everything that our appetite craves, it is especially necessary for the retirement community and seniors to make healthier diet decisions.

According to the Blood Pressure UK Organization, consuming the ‘not so healthy’ foods each day might eventually result in various health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, weight gain, not to mention other chronic health issues.

Make 2020 the year you depart the path that leads to the consumption of unhealthy foods and jump on the path that leads to smarter dietary choices.


One of the best resolutions a senior can have is to volunteer their time and efforts to helping others. Not only does volunteering give back to society, it can also improve your health and overall mood.

Helpguide outlines that volunteering boosts self-confidence, affords a sense of accomplishment, as well as makes life more fulfilling. Moreover, it also links you with some like-minded persons within the retirement community. This is important when it comes to your overall physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

In 2020, find one organization, or a community where you can get involved in. Park Central in Amarillo, Texas has many opportunities available to serve. Give us a call today – we’d love to have you volunteer in one of our communities.


As most seniors will attest to, there are only a few (if any) activities that can match the special moments of spending quality time with people you love. However, you need not only meet with them on special occasions.

Remaining involved continuously with your kids or grandkids will fortify the bond between you as well as keep your entire extended family closer.  As you prepare to welcome the New Year, consider bringing together your loved ones now and then to catch up.

This New Year, ensure that the dear seniors in your life, as well as those within the broader retirement community around you, set proper personal goals that will help them be a better version of themselves.

As a senior, 2020 should be the year you set goals that specifically focus on helping you improve your overall health and well-being, and one that enables you to appreciate and enjoy life and everything that comes with it more. With these few suggestions, you should be on your way to a happier, healthier, and prosperous 2020 in no time!

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